Campus chapters are the heart of URGE’s work. All over the US, groups of dedicated students are working tirelessly for reproductive justice -- tackling issues specific to their campus, speaking out about state policy, & contributing to national campaigns.

University of Kansas

Lawrence, KS

Students Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (SURGE) at The University of Kansas (KU) is a student group and that advocates for reproductive rights and justice for all both on and off campus. We host sex positive and informational events throughout the academic year as well as host learning opportunities weekly for students on different RJ topics. Our chapter works closely with the Emily Taylor Center on KU’s campus to promote intersectional feminism. Find us on Instagram @surge_ku or Students United for Reproductive and Gender Equity at KU on Facebook!

Chapter Updates

May 21, 2017

KU Takes a Stand Against Campus Carry

On May 17th, students from the Fail Campus Carry group attended to protest the monthly Kansas Board of Regents meeting by wearing… Read more »

Chapter Updates

September 18, 2014

KU Students Challenge Administrators Over Sexual Assault Cases

This fall students at KU have been actively organizing on campus to let administrators know that the current guidelines for handli… Read more »

Chapter Updates

February 25, 2014

University of Kansas shows it’s Pride!

Today, a major rally was held at the Kansas statehouse to oppose the proposed bill to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ folks…. Read more »