Statement from URGE on the Georgia Supreme Court’s Ruling on HB 481

The Georgia Supreme Court rejected a lower court’s ruling, allowing the state’s six week abortion ban to remain in effect.

October 25, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia – On Tuesday, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected a lower court’s ruling on HB 481, a bill that blocks physicians from performing abortions after six weeks. This ruling upholds the state’s six-week abortion ban, putting the reproductive rights of Georgians in jeopardy. 

Shante Wolfe, Southeastern States Field Director of URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, issued the following statement: 

The Georgia Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a six week abortion ban endangers the lives of Georgians everywhere by gutting bodily autonomy and decision-making. This is yet another alarming development in the widespread erosion of reproductive rights across our country. 

“Make no mistake, abortion bans are racist. This decision from the Georgia Supreme Court will disproportionately hurt communities of color in Georgia, a state where the maternal mortality rate among Black communities is one of the highest in the country. Georgians deserve to have access to dutiful reproductive care. We will simply not accept the blatant and poorly-disguised attempts of anti-choice extremists to take it away.

“Young people in Georgia are on the frontlines of this fight, mobilizing and organizing alongside reproductive justice organizations, and I am confident that despite challenges like these, they will prevail. URGE stands with Georgians amid this decision, and together, we will continue to reject abortion bans nationwide and defend the reproductive rights of all.”


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