Statement from URGE on the Georgia Supreme Court’s Ruling on Redistricting Maps

October 27, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia – On Thursday, October 26th the Georgia Supreme Court ordered Georgia legislators to redraw the proposed federal and state legislative redistricting maps for the 2024 election, declaring that the proposed maps violated the Voting Rights Act by illegally underrepresenting Black voters. 

Toni Watkins (she/her), Integrated Voter Engagement Director, at URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, issued the following statement:  

“I applaud the district court’s decision ordering Georgia legislators to redraw voting district maps to comply with the Voting Rights Act. The data was clear that Black voters were being targeted for underrepresentation. Voting should be as easy and convenient as possible, however time and again we’ve seen politicians pass measures making it harder to cast a ballot and diluting the voices of historically marginalized people.  

“Young Black people are watching what happens in Georgia and in other states attempting to disenfranchise them and will hold politicians accountable when they pass measures to take away their voting rights. URGE will continue to watch how the Georgia redistricting process unfolds and looks forward to reviewing a new, fairer map in the coming months.” 


About URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity 

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