URGE demands action from Senate Democrats & Biden after Senate Republicans Block Vote on Freedom to Vote Act

October 20, 2021

Kwentoria Williams

The Freedom to Vote Act is one of the most significant voting rights bills in generations. It would protect the right to vote and voter accessibility for all Americans, prevent partisan gerrymandering, and limit the influence of dark money so that billionaires cannot outspend the voices of young people and all voters. Today’s Senate vote on the Freedom to Vote Act underscores Republican support for the mountain of anti-voter statutes and the partisan gerrymandering occurring across this country. This vote blatantly displays Republicans’ commitment to opposing legislation that supports the freedom to vote. 

We are deeply troubled by Republican Senators’ refusal to ensure that democracy is accessible for all Americans. Young people will not stand by idly while their rights are siphoned. We call upon Democrats in the Senate to do whatever is necessary to pass this key piece of legislation. We cannot allow the filibuster or procedural technicalities to block a path to the reform that our democracy clearly demands and that most Americans support. We cannot allow a minority of legislators to hold hostage the will of the people.  

“The Freedom to Vote Act is a step towards making our democracy more inclusive, more accessible, and more accountable to the people. This is a critical moment in our nation and young people are watching to see what their elected officials will do to protect their fundamental rights”, says Desireé Luckey, Director of Policy at URGE. “Senate Democrats and President Biden need to take action and outline their plans for removing the racist filibuster that continues to harm young people and people of color who have a right to participate in their government. We ask the Senate to act now to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and send it to President Biden’s desk. Failure is not an option.”