November 3, 2021

Kwentoria Williams

Yesterday, Ohio Republicans introduced a total abortion ban that would be enforced by vigilantes who sue abortion providers and anyone who helps someone accessing abortion care. House Bill 480, Senate Bill 123, the trigger abortion ban, and three other blatantly anti-abortion measures are currently all pending in the Ohio legislature. HB 480 joins the harmful anti-abortion brigade led by Texas’ Senate Bill 8, which is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Ohio State Policy and Movement Director Sarah Inskeep (she/her) said in a statement, “Ohio’s extremist politicians like Rep. Powell and Senator Roegner remain hellbent on completely banning abortion in our state. House Bill 480 joins Senate Bill 123, the trigger abortion ban, and three other anti-abortion measures that are currently pending in the Ohio legislature. We demand nothing short of abortion justice in Ohio. We refuse to sit idly by, waiting for a potentially unfavorable court ruling or for any of these bans to move. We will occupy the streets in protest, show up in force to the Ohio Statehouse, and do everything in our power to protect abortion access for all in our state.” 

The truth is any measure that seeks to ban, criminalize, or stigmatize abortion is extreme and must be stopped. Texas was first. Now, it’s Ohio. We cannot afford another law on the books that strips people of their bodily autonomy and places more insurmountable barriers between young people, Black, Indigenous, people of color, or queer and trans folks and the health care they need.