URGE Launches Multimedia “Abortion Bans are Racist” Campaign on MLK Day

January 16, 2023

Ben Curry

(Atlanta, GA) – Today, a day when we reflect on the dangerous legacy of white supremacy in the United States, URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity is launching a multi-faceted media campaign to educate Georgians about the inherent racism at the foundation of abortion bans. This campaign will run throughout January and include social posts, pandora ads, street decals, posters, and two billboards in the Atlanta area that state: Abortion Bans are Racist. 

“In Georgia, we know all too well how harmful abortion bans are to our Black and brown communities, pushing essential health care out of reach. It was this way before last year’s Supreme Court decision, and now the situation is even more dire,” said Toni Watkins (she/her), Georgia resident and Voter Engagement Director at URGE. “Last November and again in December, voters in our state sent a clear message that they want each of us to have the freedom to make personal decisions without interference from politicians trying to control our bodies and our lives. This campaign looks anti-abortion lawmakers directly in the eye as we challenge these bans and call out their racism.”  

Data show that most often, the harms from abortion restrictions fall hardest on young people and people of color. Combined with the many other discriminatory practices young people of color in Georgia encounter – like restricted sex ed, voter suppression laws, state violence, and housing insecurity – and it’s easy to see how it can be so hard for them to build toward futures where they are safe, healthy, and can thrive. 

Further, young Black, Indigenous, and other people of color are historically among those most often targeted by law enforcement for prosecution of their pregnancy outcomes. No one should be arrested or face criminal charges or incarceration for making their own pregnancy decisions, including abortion – and now the risk is even greater. 

Kimberly Inez McGuire (she/her/ella), Executive Director of URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, added, “Young Black women and young trans people are most harmed by the racist abortion bans that have now been passed in 17 states and counting, facing the impossibility of traveling hundreds of miles for care, or potential criminalization for ending their own pregnancies with safe and effective abortion pills like mifepristone and misoprostol.  We also know that young people are not sitting by as these injustices proceed. Young people – a majority of whom today are Black, Indigenous, AAPI, or Latine – are on the frontlines of the fight for abortion justice: organizing & engaging voters with URGE. 

“URGE invites anyone that sees this campaign to reflect on the disproportionate harm abortion bans have on Black and brown communities and then join us and young people across Georgia as we condemn racism in all its forms and fight against extremist politicians and their agenda. Please visit to learn more and take action.”