Kate Londen

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Washington, DC – In anticipation of protests happening during and after the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump, URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity issued the following statement:

“Throughout 2016, we have seen people-powered movements take action and take to the streets in support of the issues that matter to them. Young people have been on the front lines of these movements, standing up for their values and sometimes putting themselves at risk to do so. Since the election of Donald Trump, those who have been devastated by his Electoral College victory have been looking for ways to resist the impending agenda that will threaten racial justice, reproductive rights, gender equity, LGBTQ liberation, economic security, and so much more.

The Women’s March on Washington is one of the events that was created to show the visible power of the majority of Americans who did not vote for Donald Trump and who reject his dangerously divisive policies. As a grassroots effort that grew organically out of the desire for action after the election, details about the march are still coming together. However, we are inspired to know that hundreds of thousands have expressed interest in uniting in protest and resistance against the Trump administration.

URGE endorses the Women’s March on Washington and is in solidarity with other efforts forming around the country to protest during inauguration weekend. For those coming to Washington, DC for the events, URGE will be hosting an event for young people looking to connect. Details will be announced in early January. Outside of DC, we are working to mobilize young people to attend local rallies against the Trump administration. We are also a creating digital action asking the new administration to defend reproductive freedom and gender equity, allowing our supporters everywhere to make their voices heard.

The myriad events around the inauguration are only the beginning of the work ahead to curtail the Trump agenda. We are committed to ramping up our organizing and advocacy as we face a hostile White House. We invite young people to join us inauguration weekend and in the fight ahead.”