A Brief and Ridiculous History of the Bro-Choice Movement


July 17, 2013

In April, Choice USA emailed me about a new campaign called “Bro-Choice” that “specifically targets men to become stakeholders and true advocates for reproductive justice.” According to Kierra Johnson, Choice USA Executive Director, the program was devised last year by students “as a series of panels to talk about engaging men in reproductive rights and the challenges of that;” since then, it had evolved into “a broader conversation about masculinity and sexual assault.” Choice USA hosted a week “of visibility around masculinity and rape culture,” posted a series of topical blog articles, hosted a twitter chat, and collected Bro-Choice pledges at college campuses across the country. From the pledge:

LIVING BRO-CHOICE means having the courage to speak out against injustice, even at the risk of being alienated. It means creating broader, more equitable definitions of masculinity. Living Bro-Choice means being a vocal advocate for reproductive justice, and an authentic ally to women. Living Bro-Choice means being a part of the solution.