Beyond ‘Choice’: Youth-Focused Reproductive Rights and Justice Organization Renames Itself URGE

RH Reality Check

July 11, 2014

In her email to RHRC, Johnson also offered an interesting, sex-positive reflection on the incorporation of “gender” into her organization’s name:

Gender and sexuality (and our assumptions, expectations, fears, and aspirations of them) are at the core of the fight for sexual health, reproductive rights and gender equity. But as a general rule, our movement doesn’t talk about gender unless we mean women and we don’t talk about sex unless we are referring to how to prevent the unwanted consequences of it. Our hope is that URGE will continue to evolve into a place where we can talk about both and discuss how our experience and understanding of gender and sexuality is political and impacts policy change. Our goal is to share a vision of a world that celebrates human sexuality while we also work to understand misogyny and sexism as root causes that negatively impact us all.

Is this a renunciation of choice? No, but it is movement in a very promising direction.