Harry Reid: Human Trafficking Bill Doomed Unless GOP Removes Anti-Abortion Language

Huffington Post

March 11, 2015

“Advocacy groups that support the human trafficking legislation are now also urging the removal of the abortion language.

Darla Bardine, executive director of the National Network for Youth, wrote a letter Wednesday to Cornyn asking him to “remove the partisan piece of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act.”

“Human trafficking is a bipartisan and nonpartisan issue,” wrote Bardine. “Together, we stand united against modern day slavery, including both sex and labor trafficking. Presently, we are at an important moment in the Senate with both parties unified to take a strong stand against human trafficking, from prevention to law enforcement, and service provision to survivors… This legislation is desperately needed and we cannot let this moment pass us by because of the addition of partisan and divisive provisions.”

“No woman should have her decision about abortion made for her because she can’t afford medical care, especially those emerging from exploitation and in need of comprehensive health care like trafficking survivors, who are overwhelmingly young women,” said Kierra Johnson, executive director of the group Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, in a statement.”