Heroes in Their Own Right: What Clinic Staff Do, and Why They Do It

RH Reality Check

June 24, 2015

“Clinic staff are the people who are on the front lines of patient care in many ways. They are the ones to answer the phones to take appointments, helping the patients through what can be a time of crisis. They confirm that patients know what to expect with the procedure and make sure they have the resources they need before coming to the appointment. They also offer counseling and information services, which can include discussing contraceptive options following the appointment, as well as looking for warning signs of abuse in relationships, either when the patient may be hiding this appointment from their partner, or when their partner might be coercing them into the procedure.

Although it can be complicated and emotionally taxing to be fully invested in each patient and their needs, the staff really take that responsibility to heart. They understand that for many of the patients they see, this is a difficult time in their life for any number of reasons, so they try to be as comforting and supportive as they can, to make the experience as positive as it can be. For all of this, they understand there are no trophies, no fans, and no press, just the satisfaction of knowing they are doing their part to help those who need it.”