KU Students Joined Citizens to Protest Controversial Legislation in Topeka

The University Daily Kansan

February 25, 2014

Emma Halling, the student body vice president, also attended the protest and voiced her opinion against the piece of legislation.

“[Protesting] out here, we are more of making a statement about what we, as voters, will and won’t tolerate in the state of Kansas, and legalized discrimination is one of those things that we refuse to tolerate,” Halling said.

Candice Crafton, a senior from Wichita, said that the bill makes her feel conflicted about aspects of her personal identity as a member of the LGBTQ community and as a Kansan, both of which are aspects of her personality that she does not want to be forced to choose between.

“I just think that Kansas has a strong history of being a very progressive place, and I’m very proud to be from the free state, and I want it to be that way for everyone,” Crafton said. “I don’t want to have to be ashamed of where I’m from because it’s a beautiful place.”