Millennials Are Fighting to Overturn the Hyde Amendment

RH Reality Check

September 30, 2013

Recently, Choice USA became part of a new campaign All* Above All, which is focused on getting young activists working to restore and sustain abortion coverage for low-income women and repeal the Hyde Amendment. Thousands of young people all over the country are making their voices heard.

Apathetic? Self-centered? Hardly! All* Above All turns those stereotypes on their head. We are creating a platform for women to represent themselves, to show the diversity of the voices who support overturning harmful policies such as Hyde. We take ourselves seriously—and demand that we be taken seriously by the politicians we help elect.

It’s noteworthy that the day after the Hyde anniversary, Obamacare enrollment begins. We—people of color and young people—worked especially hard to ensure Obamacare became a reality so that millions of young people will have access to health coverage. This is a monumental step toward bridging health disparities. But this triumph will not suffice. Without full access to abortion, young people will not have the resources required to best determine the course of their lives.

My work with Choice USA’s young activists has given me faith that Millennials are passionate and determined enough to demand this long-awaited right.