On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe, Time to Listen to Women Born After It

Ms. Magazine blog

January 22, 2015

“When it came to our issues in the midterm election, young women often felt left in the cold. While we are a generation saddled with student debt, the skyrocketing costs of education were barely mentioned on the campaign trail. And conservative candidates vowed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act—the law that has allowed many of us to stay on our parents’ insurance as we continue school or search for work in today’s still-tight job market.

We need candidates who will affirm the right for everyone to have full control over their own futures, and thus understand the importance that abortion can play in our economic, personal and educational opportunities. Young people want leaders who will roll back the tide of abortion restrictions and make the promise of Roe a reality for all.  Instead, what we have is a conservative-controlled Congress that will be using this anniversary of Roe v. Wade to cast votes on a national ban on later abortions.

Today, on the 42nd anniversary of a court case that enforced our right to control when and if we have a child, we remind Washington politicians that they have two years to prove to us that we matter, and our issues matter—because when we are successful, the country is successful, too.”