Pro-choice advocate: Cruel protest is not my Alabama

July 17, 2015

“One of the lessons I’m most proud of learning from my Southern neighbors is one of taking care. Whether it’s taking care of yourself, or your loved ones, or your larger community, it is important that you have the ability and the freedom to do what is necessary to be sure folks are cared for. The majority of people I meet aren’t all pro-choice. Most of them would not choose to get abortions, personally. But they do believe in a person’s ability and right to make the best choice for their body, and their life.

What Operation Save America and organizations like it want is to take that choice away from every person, regardless of their circumstances. I currently work with URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, organizing with other young people interested in fighting for reproductive justice. URGE defines reproductive justice as the moment “when all people have the political, social and economic power and access to resources in order to make healthy decisions about their bodies, sexualities and reproduction for themselves and their communities in all areas of their lives.”‘