Reproductive Rights Alliance

Metro Weekly

December 10, 2015

“One of the things we don’t talk about as much in the reproductive rights movement — and probably not as much in the LGBT movement in a very big way — is that people also have the right to enjoy sex and their sexuality, free from coercion and violence,” Johnson adds. “Sex and sexuality are integral parts of who we are as human beings. We live in a society where discrimination runs rampant based on how people think or feel or judge based on sex and sexuality, which is a real impediment to people living healthy and happy lives.

“We have to work together,” she continues. “Long gone is the time where it’s strategic to be siloed in our activism, or siloed in our understanding of what justice is and should be. We can’t win policy change, we can’t win culture change, and we can’t win real victories for the people in our lives without coming together.”