The Feministing Five: Kierra Johnson


February 20, 2010

Kierra Johnson is the Executive Director of Choice USA, a pro-choice organization based in Washington, DC. Choice USA campaigns to make emergency contraception available, repeal the Hyde Amendment, uncover the deception of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and much, much more. Johnson has been with Choice USA for a decade; she started her career there by training at the Gloria Steinem Leadership Institute, and ten years later, she’s running the show. Kierra is also a member of the Women’s Health Leadership Network with the Center for American Progress and was a member of the Board of Medical Students for Choice from 2003 to 2006.

Johnson is responsible for the creation of Choice USA’s Generation Awards, designed to recognize young activists and to “show the world that young people in the United States are not only aware and interested in the social and political events that shape our lives and those of our communities around the world, but that we are actively thinking and strategizing about how to make a positive and lasting impact towards social change.” Sounds an awful lot like the Feministing community, if you ask me!