There’s nothing wrong with being “bro-choice”


July 17, 2013

Soon after, the “bro-choice” nomenclature was picked up by campus organization Choice USA and other advocates as a way to encourage men to stand with women and fight policies that roll back access to vital healthcare. But Bonham doesn’t seem to know about the alliance building, self-reflection or activism that’s sprung up as a result of Silverman’s meme, probably because he doesn’t know how to use Google or read Twitter. (Just kidding! He definitely knows how to do those things!)

Here’s how a “bro-choicer” recently explained why he would stand in the sweltering Texas heat to protest his state’s stringent abortion restrictions: “They may pass it, but I’ll still protest it. And when they pass it, I’ll keep protesting it. Inside that building there are a lot of men working against women. I’m just representing all the men that are outside this building that support women.”