We’re Finally Getting A Little Closer To Repealing The Hyde Amendment

Think Progress

January 8, 2014

To see the evidence of that, look no further than Choice USA, another one of the groups included in All Above All’s coalition. Choice USA mobilizes young people to fight for reproductive justice, and is currently organizing around this week’s HR 7 hearing, encouraging people to contact their legislators about the need for affordable abortion services. The group expects a few hundred contacts to Congress, even though it’s limited in the number of people it will be able to contact since most colleges are still on winter break.

Choice USA has found that young people really connect to the abortion funding issue — largely because it’s often younger people who struggle to raise the money they need to have an abortion. And across the country, they’re fighting back.

“It’s easy to agree that a young person struggling to make ends meet shouldn’t have inferior health care services compared to someone with more money. That includes access to abortion care,” Allie Lahey, the president of a Choice USA chapter at Bowling Green State University, explained in a statement to ThinkProgress. Lahey is working on the ground in Ohio, where new restrictions on abortion are forcing clinics to close.