Why Reproductive Rights Groups Want To Woo Men

Think Progress

September 18, 2013

“Men for Choice” isn’t the only recent campaign of its kind. Several months ago, Choice USA — a national pro-choice group that works to mobilize young Americans for reproductive justice — kicked off a “Bro Choice” campaign. “Many men have realized the ways that reproductive oppression affects them and the ones they love, and how some traditional ideas of masculinity hurt everyone,” the group explains on its website, encouraging pro-choice men to “be part of the solution” and join the fight for progressive policy change.

Kierra Johnson, Choice USA’s executive director, told ThinkProgress that the idea for the campaign was actually sparked by college students across the country who work with the group’s local chapters.

“Women in our chapters were looking for ways to authentically engage men on campus, and men were looking for opportunities to work on issues that impact their friends, partners, classmates, as well as themselves,” Johnson explained. “We wanted to create a space for men to have these conversations on how to be good allies, but also about their personal stake in protecting reproductive freedom.”