Widespread Public Support Bolsters Bill to End Restrictions on Abortion Coverage

Truth Out

July 10, 2015

“According to a new poll from Hart Research Associates conducted on behalf of All* Above All, voters in nearly every demographic combination – age, party affiliation, religious background, ethnicity – agree with Lee and would support legislation like the EACH Woman Act.

By a 24-point margin (59 percent to 35 percent), more voters align with the statement: “However we feel about abortion, politicians should not be allowed to deny a woman insurance coverage for it just because she is poor” than with the statement: “Using taxpayer dollars for abortions forces all of us to pay for them – even people who don’t believe in abortion.”

Flying in the face of ideologically motivatedwell-funded legislators and anti-abortion talking heads, Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of repealing abortion funding bans or – at the very least – staying out of their neighbors’ business. Double-digit majorities among Democrats (85 percent), Independents (75 percent), and Republicans (62 percent) go even further, agreeing that “as long as abortion is legal, the amount of money a woman has or does not have should not prevent her from being able to have an abortion.” ‘