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Fact Sheet: Defunding the Police

We cannot progress as a nation until we defund the police and prison industrial complex. Police, prisons, and punitive judicial and penal systems are deeply intertwined and function together to devastate Black communities and other communities of color. This is why Black community members and Black-led organizations have spent years calling for the police to be defunded and dismantled.

136 organizations in support of reproductive health, rights, and justice strongly oppose the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

In addition to being an illegitimate process, Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s addition to the Supreme Court would be a threat to our reproductive health and rights. These are not hypothetical threats. With 17 abortion-related cases one step away from the Supreme Court as well as Supreme Court oral arguments in California v. Texas, which could invalidate the Affordable Care Act (ACA), scheduled for November 10, abortion rights and health care are on the line.

Young People’s Lives at Risk: 83 Organizations Oppose Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination to SCOTUS

83 organizations call on those in power to put young people first and reject the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. Young people already face extreme barriers to accessing abortion care, from unnecessary abortion restrictions like forced parental involvement and waiting periods, to limitations on their ability to obtain confidential care using their family health insurance, to inability to pay because of federal and state restrictions on abortion insurance coverage. These barriers are magnified for Black, Indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC), and queer and trans youth. Barrett’s judicial record and possible confirmation could also make the threat of criminalization for providing or having an abortion more imminent than it has been for decades, a threat that disproportionately puts Black, Indigenous, and… Read more »

URGE calls on Colleges and Universities to Close Campuses in Wake of COVID-19 Concerns

Many local, state, and federal government responses to COVID-19 have utterly failed to keep the majority of people in the country safe from the virus. Spearheaded by URGE, 329 individuals and nearly 30 local, state, and national organizations write to demand that colleges and universities immediately close all on-campus classes, buildings, and facilities until it is safe for all students to re-enter. We can’t allow higher education to get added to the list of institutions that fail marginalized people during this pandemic.    

189 organizations tell Congress to divest from law enforcement and invest in Black and brown communities.

  On August 4, 2020, URGE joined with 188 other local, state, and federal organizations in a letter calling on our federal leaders to support the efforts and leadership of Black women and other Reproductive Justice and racial justice leaders by investing our tax dollars in institutions and structures that would allow Black communities to feel safe and thrive. URGE demands that Congress take action federally and supports local efforts to divest from law enforcement and invest in Black and brown communities. Read the letter to members of Congress below.        

Youth Reproductive Rights & the COVID-19 Response

Access to comprehensive reproductive health care is critical for young people, especially during a public health emergency. Young people encounter persistent barriers to accessing the care and information they need to make decisions about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and their sexual health.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every facet of society, unveiling how current systems have and continue to fail communities in Ohio and across the country. Ohio’s elected officials like Governor Mike DeWine, Lieutenant Governor John Husted, Attorney General David Yost, and the Director of the Ohio Department of Health Dr. Amy Acton have been applauded for the state’s early response efforts. However, with the increase in testing and data collection and the unfortunate exploitation of COVID-19 by some politicians, it has become clear that many of Ohio’s most marginalized communities need more to be healthy and safe — now and long before this pandemic hit.

Congressional Asks to Support Young People During COVID-19

62 organizations and 771 young people call on Congress to pass further COVID-19 relief for young people immediately. Despite the important provisions and emergency funding included in the CARES Act, this legislation still falls short of what is needed to respond to this historic national crisis.

URGE and 65 Organizations Tell Congressional Leaders to Tackle Economic and Health Disparities in COVID-19 Legislation

During the COVID-19 health crisis, it is vital that we center communities who, historically, face the greatest health and economic disparities. URGE and 65 organizations have sent a letter to Congressional leaders asking that any current and future federal legislation, including any stimulus packages, center young people, queer, trans, and nonbinary communities, people of color, and people with disabilities. Within the letter are specific policy demands that would change the material conditions of these communities and enable them to better survive this pandemic and rebuild in its aftermath.

The State of Sex Education in Alabama 2020

Current requirements for sex education in Alabama are sex negative, homophobic, medically inaccurate, culturally incompetent, ineffective, and do not provide the kind of information young people want and need to live happy and healthy sexual lives.