Bro-Choice Week!

One year ago we hosted our first Bro-Choice panel to talk about ways young men can become authentically involved in reproductive justice. With the response to that panel, we knew this was only the beginning of the conversation.
The Bro-Choice campaign continues to be a place to lift up the work that young men are already doing for reproductive justice, but over the past year this campaign has evolved to include much needed conversations on rape culture and sexual assault prevention.
Recently, students from 8 chapters across GA, CA, CO, and KS participated in URGE’s first ever Bro-Choice Week. Students held panels and discussion events where they could talk about issues facing men who want to get involved with reproductive justice and sexual assault prevention. They also collected over 500 Bro-Choice pledges during the week.
Activists from Georgia Southern University were thrilled with the successes of the chapter during the week, “The conversation was full of questions that these guys had never had the opportunity to have answered, but it was also full of respect.” Said Sarah Fronseca, “It’s always a bit surprising when that happens; this is the South, after all. Men are supposed to embrace these hearty old-time ideals about gender. This discussion allowed them the opportunity to challenge those ideals.”
Students from California Polytechnic State University held trainings on their campus specifically for students unfamiliar with the reproductive justice movement. According to Katherine Belgin, “We outreached to Greek Life and Athletics since those communities face unique pressures in regard to masculinity and sexism and invited them to a workshop. This workshop offered a safe environment to discuss masculinity at Cal Poly and to brainstorm strategies for promoting healthy masculinity on this campus.”
No matter where you are you can become a part of the Bro-Choice movement by signing the pledge to become part of the solution.