Don’t Throw Our Healthcare Off the Cliff!

fiscal-cliff-edgeYou’ve heard about the so-called “fiscal cliff” – but why should you care?

If Congress doesn’t act in this fiscal showdown, the budget would be slashed for important domestic programs, including education and Health and Human Services. If this happens, it’s bad news for anyone who cares about reproductive justice.

Slashing the budget for Health and Human Services would mean drastic cuts to Title X funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education programs like the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and the Division of Adolescent and School Health. Our (sex) lives depend on these programs!

Congress has less than one month left to act – and we all know they aren’t the fastest working bunch! If we want to save comprehensive sex education and family planning services we need to take action NOW!

That’s why we’re urging you to contact your Representative and ask them to drop the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and save these critical programs!

Use this phone number to call: 888-960-4826

Want to see how easy it is?