Let’s Get Psyched!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep straight exactly what you’re supposed to be aware of at any given time, that’s where awareness months come in. This month– in addition to Sports Eye Injury Awareness, Jazz Appreciation Month and many more – it’s also STD Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Earlier in April, we recognized National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day.

Maybe we also need a Psyched About Sex Awareness Month. Because you can’t be psyched about sex if you don’t have the tools to protect yourself from STIs. You can’t be psyched about sex when the threat of sexual violence is so pervasive. You can’t be psyched about sex, if you don’t have information about how to prevent unintended pregnancy.

We may not have Psyched About Sex Month (yet) but URGE is doing its part to edge towards that reality. Earlier this year our chapters participated in advocacy around our Sex [+] campaign for comprehensive sex education by calling their elected officials and signing petitions. Students in Kansas and Alabama have fought against anti-choice bills in their statehouses. Students in California are partnering with their campus health centers to ensure they meet the sexual health needs of ALL students. And, we are currently in the middle of Bro-Choice Week of Action, where we are engaging men all over the country in a conversation about rape culture, masculinity and sexual assault.

We hope that each of these campaigns can bring us a little closer to a world where our awareness can focus on how we can be more confidently and unapologetically psyched about empowered, healthy and fun sex!

In solidarity,