Voting Is Sexy

Despite what most politicians want to believe, young people ARE engaged in the political process, they DO care about the issues that affect their lives, families and communities and they DO vote. 15 million more of us are eligible to vote since 2008, and URGE leaders are mobilizing on campuses nationwide to register new voters, educate them and make sure they get to the polls on November 6.

Advocating for Policy Change: We believe that voting is our right as well as our civic duty and the most basic way to be involved in our communities. Unfortunately, some politicians don’t agree and have passed new restrictive laws intended to make it harder for us to vote. These laws unfairly target young people, people of color, seniors and veterans, and we won’t stand for that. We will be working to educate and inform voters about what they need to do to vote and supporting our partners who are challenging these unfair laws in the states.

Challenging Media Messages: The media loves to talk about apathetic young people. This fall and beyond we will prove that young people do care by voting and speaking out about the importance of civic engagement.

Changing Campus Culture: Using the non-partisan “Voting is Sexy!” frame, our chapters will make sure that young people across the nation recognize their power and know how to exercise it. Of course, civic engagement doesn’t end on Election Day. After November 6, our chapters will continue to educate and mobilize their peers to advocate on issues like comprehensive sex education, affordable birth control and access to abortion.