We support the EACH Woman Act!

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On July 8th, Congressional champions, led by Representatives Barbara Lee, Diana DeGette, Louise Slaughter, and Jan Schakowsky, introduced the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act! This visionary bill ensures abortion coverage for every person—no matter their income, source of insurance, or zip code.

Show your support for lifting the restrictions on abortion coverage! Thank the Congressional champions that helped make this bill a reality.

For too long, politicians have interfered in our health decisions by denying insurance coverage for abortion care. For young people, who are more likely to be low income and have trouble affording healthcare services, banning abortion coverage means many are denied access to the critical reproductive healthcare they need.

Bans on coverage for abortion care create insurmountable barriers for a person who needs to make important, personal decisions based on what’s best for their family and their circumstances. What’s worse is that these restrictions have a disproportionate impact on young people, women of color, and those struggling to make ends meet. Under the EACH Woman Act, legislators will no longer be able to interfere with a person’s reproductive decision-making by withholding insurance coverage for abortion care.

Together, we can make meaningful change for people everywhere. Together, we can ensure that every person is able to make their own decisions about pregnancy—and the EACH Woman Act brings us one step closer to the reality of affordable abortion care for all.

Show your support for this bill by getting in contact with your congressional representative and spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #4EACHofUs. Stay tuned for more about this important bill!

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