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TRAPped in Texas

It was just last summer when we experienced Wendy Davis’ monumental filibuster against an anti-choice bill in the Texas Senate. Though the stand for abortion rights made national headlines, HB2 was later passed in a special session. The law has been in effect for several months and the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is beginning to crack down on abortion providers. This past week in Houston, Theodore Herring’s license was revoked and the Affordable Women’s Health Medical Center was shut down for not following the ridiculous TRAP laws in HB2. TRAP laws, also known as targeted regulation of abortion provider laws, limit the ability for abortion providers to do their jobs. In HB2, abortion clinics must have admitting privileges to a hospital 30 miles away. This is apparently to… Read more »

Harassment – Coming to an Abortion Clinic Near You!

As if shutting down reproductive health clinics throughout the country with ridiculous restrictions and TRAP laws, anti-choice activists are making it even more difficult for people to exercise their freedom of choice. This past Wednesday, the US Supreme Courth began the hearings to the McCullen v. Coakley case. The Massachusetts buffer zone law creates a 35-feet bubble between protesters and the health clinic. Eleanor McCullen, an avid sidewalk “counselor” argues that first amendment rights are being violated when they are denied their right to practice freedom of speech wherever they choose. Well Eleanor, there’s a huge difference between free speech and hate speech. The current law seems to be a fair balance where anti-choice protesters are allowed to vocalize their message, just 35 feet away. The buffer zone provides a… Read more »