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7 Documentaries About Abortion You Can Watch Right Now

View image | gettyimages.com Because Women’s Herstory Month is coming to a close and because I am an URGE Student Journalist, I decided to create a list of documentaries about abortion. Some of these films are available on Netflix while the other films can be found on external sites. I for one, believe in the power of films to change perceptions, create new perspectives, and start dialogues. Here they are: 1. After Tiller (Available on iTunes)  Directors: Martha Shane and Lana Wilson This film discusses the life and legacy of Dr. Georgia Tiller.  Before his assassination in 2009 in Wichita, Kansas, he was one of five people in the United States still performing third-trimester abortions. Furthermore, the documentary examines the lives of women who seek third-term abortions. It also focuses on the… Read more »