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The Problem with the Karen Archetype

Dear White Girl (all white people really) who made the Tik Tok compilation video of her admittedly fashionable, quirky, yet still, very white mother with a caption that reads  “Y’all were raised by Karens, but I was raised by a Veronica”,  I’m assuming the “y’all” you are referring to is other white people who have high-strung and difficult mother figures.   For the sake of being thorough,  I’ll define what a Karen is to me.  “Karen” is a term for entitled, demanding, racist white women who weaponize their perceived fragility and victimhood to enact harm on any person(s) they deem fit, which is usually Black people just existing.  (See a karen compilation here) With a definition such as that, and a whole wikipedia page dedicated to this type of character, I… Read more »