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Self-Care 101

Self care, it’s mandatory. It’s as easy and simple as it sounds, caring for yourself. But one thing I’ve noticed is that women and activists are terrible at self care. If that woman also happens to be an activist, forget it. Women  are socialized to put the needs and wants of everybody ahead of their own. I don’t need to tell you that that is not cool. Activists, being the empathetic, caring do-gooders we are, are great at doing good by everyone else except ourselves. But here’s the thing, you can’t save the world if you’re not taking proper care of yourself. Sometimes, self care can be the most radical, revolutionary thing a person can do. My hero, the late Audre Lorde had this to say on the subject  “caring… Read more »

Lean In but Don’t Fall Out!

I was reading an article by Courtney E. Martin on Women’s Media Center, and the theme of the article stuck with me. The title proudly proclaimed, “Leaning in Can get you Laidout,” and described how women lean so far in, and ignore their own health, they don’t recognize the cues that the body gives to warn people to de-stress and slow down. The idea of “leaning in” was originally written about by Sheryl Sandebrg COO of Facebook. This seemed like such a remarkable idea because it was so uncommon to hear this type of advice. The advice that permeates in my world with graduation nearing is that we must stand out, be different, and make ourselves well- rounded and our resumes diverse so that we as young people may transition… Read more »