Trans in Alabama Photo Project

Within the last year and a half, URGE Alabama has stepped more actively into a policy advocacy role in the Alabama State House. During the 2020 legislative session, several transphobic bills were introduced including one to criminalize healthcare and community support network providers for providing gender-affirming care and support for trans youth in Alabama. We believe that trans liberation means having the autonomy to fully be present and experience joy as ourselves in our communities; this means trans youth and adults should be able to access gender-affirming healthcare and support from their community networks.

During this fight, false narratives about who trans folks are and what they want and need prevailed including a de-humanization of trans life and a denial that trans folks call Alabama home and deserve to not only survive, but thrive in Alabama. We are launching the Trans in Alabama Photo Project to visibilize and celebrate trans life in Alabama and secondarily, to contribute to larger culture shift work in the state around trans rights and gender justice.

We are seeking trans folks throughout the state to participate in our project as models to be photographed feeling like their best, fullest, most beautiful selves. At the photoshoots, we will also be filming models answering a short series of questions. We want to show ourselves and each other what it looks and feels like to be celebrated in our gender, and we want to create a visual representation of the liberated future we are building toward.



  • Models will be compensated with $50
  • Food, condoms, and other URGE swag will be available for folks at the pop-ups


  • Because we are a youth-led reproductive justice organization, we will be prioritizing young Black and brown, working-class trans folks.