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Are you Abortion Positive?

Since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, there have been 1074 state restrictions on abortion. More than one-quarter of those have passed in the last five years. These restrictions compound and make it nearly impossible for some people to access an abortion when they need it. This quiet, coordinated campaign against abortion rights has been successful because many of us are resistant to unapologetically embrace abortion.

Abortion is a personal choice, but abortion access is also a public good. The world is better when anyone who needs an abortion can get one – easily, affordably, without stigma, and free from political interference. We’re ready to say it, loud and proud:

We are Abortion Positive, are you? 

Join us in declaring your support for abortion access by taking to social media with the hashtag #AbortionPositive and using our brand new images below to spread the word.
Abortion isn’t a bad word. Abortion isn’t a bad choice. Help us fight the stigma around this vital healthcare and tell the world that you are #AbortionPositive.

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