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10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

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December 1, 2016

These past weeks have been difficult for citizens who have witnessed the rise of white nationalism into the highest elected political offices in our nation, the continued legacy of police officers unjustly murdering black bodies, discriminatory legislation towards trans folks in Southern states, and the increased attacks towards communities who are different from white, cisgender, heterosexual, male communities. In these times, it’s easy to not practice self-care since we are fighting for existence in a society that wants to treat us like second-class individuals. Yet we have to remember that this is a war, and not a single battle. So to uplift and encourage your spirits, here’s 10 ways to smile through the hard times ahead.

  1. Treat Yo Self
  2. Give No Fucks
  3. Be Yourself

4. Vogue For Your Life


5. Throw It In A Circle

6. Keep It Sassy


7. Be the Baddest


8. Squad Up


9. Know Your Power


10. Rock Your Body


If anyone needs me, I’ll be listening to Knuck If You Buck in order to empower myself and community.

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