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When Sex Ed Excludes You

I grew up in Southern California- home of 70-degree weather year-round, LA traffic, and comprehensive sex education.  Between my 6th and 9th-grade sex education lessons, I felt pretty well prepared when it came to discussions regarding sex. My teachers had walked us through each available contraception method, discussed the importance of getting regular STI checks, and assured us that our sexual debut was ours to define. We were not shamed into abstinence, nor misled by incorrect information- and yet, even in such a progressive state, so much was left out. It almost makes me laugh that in 2 years of teaching us sex education, my teachers never dared to utter the word “clitoris.” We learned all about the burdens and pains of having a vagina, but never verged on discussing… Read more »

Young People Need a Future for Us, Shaped by Us

With the recent news of COVID-19, it may seem like the only updates we see online are simply updating us on the crumbling state of the world. Confined to our homes and devoid of most social contact, we’re overwhelmed by the plethora of information and our inability to help. While I, unfortunately, can’t present you with a solve-all solution, I can say that reading URGE’s Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda gave me a break from the chaos. It made me feel empowered without requiring me to break from social distancing.  This policy agenda uniquely outlines a comprehensive and inclusive policy vision. One focused on abortion access, sexuality education, democracy reform, economic justice, decriminalization and the creation of safe communities, and immigrant justice—all while centering the voices of those most… Read more »