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Age: 20
School: University of Florida
Major: Journalism, with a minor in Theories and Politics of Sexuality
Hometown: Oviedo, Florida
Favorite writer: Sylvia Plath, all the way.
Favorite sex scene from movie/TV/book: Really, any scene from "Story of O," but particularly the scenes where O is shocked that someone other than her lover can give her pleasure. The whole book is a great exploration of dominance and submission.
Hidden talent: I can say the alphabet backwards as fast as I can say it forwards.

Posts By: Robyn

Assaults Interrupt Education of University of Florida Women

I’ve spent more time in the past week researching personal safety apps, the likes of Kitestring and TapShield, than I have studying for my classes. It’s only the third week of the semester and already, four assaults have been reported at the University of Florida, the school that I attend and the school where I used to feel safe. We have a text alert system here at UF and it’s disconcerting how many recent nights I’ve received a string of texts beginning with “battery just occurred.” The suspect in all four cases is the same, according to the text alerts we’ve gotten. A white, 6’ 4”, 200 pound man, it’s no wonder that he’s been easily able to empower all his victims. All four women—of various builds and looks, according… Read more »