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Emergency Contraception in Public Schools and the concept of “Parental Rights”

Well, color me surprised. New York City has started expanding its contraceptive offerings (emergency contraception, birth control, condoms, pregnancy tests) in city schools. I was honestly ignorant to the fact that any high school provided these services to teens. I obviously think it’s a great thing but there are good points from both sides, so let’s talk about it! First we will get some figures out of the way, thanks to NYC Health Department: 7,000 girls under age 17 got pregnant last year in the city (Wow, that’s it?) 90% of those pregnancies were unplanned (I really hope the other 700 were well capable of taking care of another human being.) 64% were aborted (That’s 4480 preventable abortions) 2,200 became moms by age 17. About 70 percent drop out of… Read more »

Why Reproductive Rights Are Economic Issues

I am SICK and TIRED of people telling me that women need to stop focusing on “frivolous” things, such as… oh I don’t know… the right to control my own fucking body… I digress. In this article I am going to quickly demonstrate how reproductive justice intersects with the economy and also how providing birth control and abortion will ultimately save the country money (even though we know it’s really not about the money… on either side). If Rush Limbaugh got his say… “I’m offering a compromise today: I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want. … So Miss Fluke and the rest of you feminazis,” Feminazis… because obviously wanting equality equates to contributing to genocide… He… Read more »

“That” Girl

This post will serve as an introductory piece to the readers of this blog. So… I’ve got something to admit. I’m one of THOSE girls. You know the kind. The kind of girl that gets Rush Limbaugh’s panties all tied up in a knot. The kind of girl that would rather listen to Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” on repeat for the rest of her life than listen to what Ann Coulter has to say. Call me young, call me stupid, but do not call me unaware. I am exactly aware of what people are trying to take away from me. And I’m not backing down, not without a fight. What do I believe in?

Kansas Anti-Choice Bill: Endangering Women and Making a Mockery of the Medical Profession

When I first caught wind of the proposed House Bill 313, known by some as the “Pro-Life Protections Act,” others refer to it as the most draconian abortion bill in United States history I called my mom on the verge of a panic attack. My heart sank Sunday night when I heard it passed the house with an overwhelming 88-31 vote. Not only was it one of the most inclusive anti-choice, anti-women’s health care bill I had ever seen, it completely disregards the safety of women and makes a mockery of the medical profession. Despite the problems with taxation on abortion, allowing an embryo to have equal rights under the law, and other such ludicrous things, I am going to focus this commentary on how this bill could affect the… Read more »