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“That” Girl

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September 5, 2012

This post will serve as an introductory piece to the readers of this blog.

So… I’ve got something to admit.

I’m one of THOSE girls.

You know the kind. The kind of girl that gets Rush Limbaugh’s panties all tied up in a knot. The kind of girl that would rather listen to Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” on repeat for the rest of her life than listen to what Ann Coulter has to say.

Call me young, call me stupid, but do not call me unaware. I am exactly aware of what people are trying to take away from me.

And I’m not backing down, not without a fight.

What do I believe in?

I believe as an inhabitant of this earthly world that I deserve complete autonomy over my body. At this moment in time is that belief currently realized? Absolutely not.

“…autonomy over [her] body” What exactly does she think she deserves?

– Affordable, accessible, and available access to the entire spectrum of birth control options
– A safe, affordable, and accessible option of abortion
– Affordable access to preventative services
– Freedom to express my sexuality in a way that’s not harmful to others

I believe whole-heartedly that these are all things I deserve, and I am willing to put in the work to make sure that these are attainable for every other person on this earth.

I will not be swayed by talk show pundits. I will not be intimidated by politicians that threaten these rights. I will call my legislature. I will ask you to sign my petition. I will give anyone a condom anytime, anywhere. I will stand by your side and hold your hand at the doctor’s office. I will speak up when everyone else says I should be quiet.

I will never go back to a world where women have to seek back-alley abortions. I will not live in fear for myself, my mother, or my future daughters that some policy will endanger our lives.

My sex is not a pre-existing condition. Nobody will deny me the healthcare I deserve.

I hope that with my words and ideas I can inspire others to get what they deserve too. I hope that I can work to find the resources my sisters of this state need in critical points in their lives.

Let my words inspire you, let all the hate fuel you, and one day you too will be one of “those” girls.

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