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Looking Back: (Almost) A Year of Blogging

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May 1, 2014

Last July, I hopped on a plane to attend the Choice USA National Conference, where I met an engaged community of young people working and organizing for reproductive justice all over the country.  These amazing young people organized in their schools and communities for things like increasing access to sex education and resources for trans* individuals, they marched against sexual assault, they organized LGBTQ-positive events on their campus.  They were doing the important work necessary to expand and protect reproductive justice for all people in this country and I got to spend several days with them in the nation’s capital, learning and sharing.

Since that conference, I have been continually inspired by the ChoiceUSA community in my year blogging for ChoiceWords.  Through this blog, I got to share my opinions on and experiences with sexual assault on campus, I found a channel through which to showcase my voice and opinions on current events.  I had to opportunity to go to the National Abortion Federation’s National Meeting, where I met health care professionals who provide abortion care and had conversations with them about how to inspire and move young people and how to help our organizing.  Throughout it all, I found myself constantly relying on the network of ChoiceUSA people I had met to inspire and to challenge me.

And after my year with Choice USA, I do feel inspired. I know that there are young people all over this country who care deeply about reproductive justice and who know how to affect change in their communities.  I know that I want working with them to be an important part of my life in the future.

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