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March is Bisexual Health Month, Here Are Some Things You Need to Know

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March 12, 2014

March is bisexual health awareness month. According to the Bisexual Resource Center, it was created ” to help raise awareness about the severe physical and mental health disparities the bisexual community is suffering” Week one of March was dedicated to biphobia and mental health. Week two, this week, is all about sexual health. The Bisexual Resource Center has given us three Ts we all need to know when dealing with the sexual health of bisexuals. The three Ts are Talking, Testing and Tools.

Although bisexuals are the majority in the LGBTQ population, their specific needs are often considered a minority concern. Bisexual health especially is not nearly discussed enough. It seems like things are slowly changing. Last year, the White House hosted the first panel to discuss issues specific to bisexuals. Those issues are many.

  • Bisexuals have higher rates of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, compared to heterosexuals, lesbians and gays.
  • Substance abuse, alcohol use, cancer, suicide attempts and self harm are among the top ten health concerns for bisexuals.

Hopefully, awareness will translate into positive action for the bisexual community. To find more about the things planned for this month’s bisexual health awareness month, visit the Bisexual Resource Center for more information.

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