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November 7, 2012

The battles have been fought, the words are immortalized in internet memes, and the impact of this election is rippling throughout the country. When the champagne and tears stop flowing in the morning the time comes when we examine the journey we’ve traveled this past year. The time has come to examine what YOU have done to contribute to where we are now.

If you feel that last night was a loss, ask yourself what you didn’t do. Did you raise your voice when you felt wronged? Did you stand up for your beliefs in the face of opposition? Did you even take the time to put your beliefs on a ballot?

If you feel that these next four years is a great opportunity to further progress, ask yourself if you did enough. Did you vote? Did you knock on doors; make phone calls to speak to your neighbors about what’s important to you? What can you do from here to maintain all the changes we’ve made as a nation?

When I look back, I feel proud. I did my part, I always could have done more, but I did it. I stood up for marriage equality in Minnesota; I stood up for my right to safe and accessible health care, especially the care of my beautiful lady bits. I registered voters, offered voting record information to those who asked, and last night, I voted in my first presidential election. I won.

So if this morning you find yourself pissed off, I encourage you to step off Facebook and DO SOMETHING. If you hate the fact that women’s healthcare will remain between a doctor and that woman, why don’t you come talk to me? If you believe that marriage should stay between one man and woman, go talk to a gay family. If you think that you hate socialized medicine, talk to someone who has lived years without health insurance. Ask all these people how these issues affect their lives, maybe you’ll learn something.

Now I know a lot of people think that girls like me only care about social issues, but let’s get this straight. Social issues ARE economic issues. Social issues ARE foreign policy issues. Access to pro-choice healthcare options impacts the economy positively. Setting an example that we care about women’s voices here in America gives women in other countries hope that they too can have a voice. Accepting people of all beliefs here leads to more acceptance everywhere. What we do here in the States is so incredibly important. What you do on a personal, state, and national level is so important, so remember this three years from now. If you didn’t do enough in 2012, do it in 2016.


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