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Is Liberation “High Vibe?”

We’ve all seen it a million times. Maybe on somebody’s mother’s Facebook cover photo or a tacky Forever 21 hoodie: “Good Vibes Only”. What does that really mean, though? What exactly constitutes living a #highvibe lifestyle, and where exactly does this fit within our reimagined, liberated futures? I consider myself to be very spiritual, although not too strongly aligned with any one doctrine. I deeply value my own faith and connection to God (Creator, Oneness, Universe, Source, etc.) and my ancestors. I pray regularly, meditate, honor my spiritual beliefs, and practice as much as possible while giving grace for my human errors. I also consider myself to be a community organizer with a strong commitment to actualizing anti-racist, anti-capitalist, sex-positive, and gender-expansive, liberated futures under a transformative justice framework. With… Read more »

Save Yourselves And Leave Black Women Alone

“Strong,” independent,” “resilient.” There was a time in my life where I saw these characteristics as noble and empowering. An affirmation that was important for young girls to hear multiple times throughout their life. However, I quickly realized that these characterizations had their own separate meaning when referring to Black women and girls. Lately, especially on Twitter, I’ve been coming across multiple posts reinforcing the same tired message that Black women will save the United States; that we will right the oppressive past of this country and create an equitable future for all. In light of this, I want to reiterate what has been said by Black women before me and will be said by Black women after me—we are not your mules. We will not “save” this country, we… Read more »