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Repeat After Me, “Political Correctness is not Censorship”

Lately I’ve been seeing various memes floating around Facebook, all basically saying the same thing, “Political Correctness is bad,”  “we can’t make jokes anymore because everyone gets offended,” “the good old days…,” etc. I’m here to say, all of that is complete bullshit. Being “politically correct” is not a form of censorship. It is not a way of silencing people and opinions. It is about creating an open dialogue where people on BOTH sides of an issue feel comfortable speaking. Political correctness fosters respectful and potentially constructive conversations. As a journalism major, I recognize the importance of the First Amendment (seriously, it’s wonderful), but as a productive member of society, I also recognize the importance of not being an asshole. This issue isn’t just about words. It’s about the societal… Read more »