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Unwrapped: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift!

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February 14, 2014

Chocolate, stuffed animals, and flowers might be nice, but nothing shows your affection like a big lubricated pack of condoms! In honor of February being National Condom Month, and with it being Valentine’s Day, what better way share the special day than with a pack of condoms. We’re always told to use protection because with no glove, there’s no love.

However, not all of us were taught the important lessons of wrapping it up.  Almost a decade ago, 87% of high schools taught abstinence as the most effective method to avoid pregnancy and HIV. Yeah, it makes sense that if you never have sex, you won’t be at risk of anything. Unfortunately, hormones don’t work that way and we eventually all grow up. There are still many states and schools promoting the abstinence-only method without comprehensive sex education. If anti-choice groups want to lower the rates of abortions, then they should fully support avoiding unintended pregnancies through safe sex education.

Speaking from my own experience, a condom can be a confusing thing! There are incorrect methods to putting on a condom, as well as many myths behind them.  So listen up!

Complaint 1: It’s uncomfortable and the mood goes away.

Practice masturbating with condoms! Practice makes perfect and it’s better to embarrass yourself alone than in front of your partner. You shouldn’t make your partner sacrifice their health because you can’t get it up. Put a little lube in your condom to keep the stimulation going! You also might be using the wrong size of condom, so make sure yours fits.

Complaint 2: It doesn’t feel as good. Trust me, I’ll pull out in time.

You know what feels good? Not having an STD or having an unintended pregnancy. That’s an awesome feeling too. It’s not even a trust issue. STD’s and STI’s can be carried without someone even knowing it.  Pulling out in time is too risky when you’re in the moment and it surely doesn’t prevent me from catching a disease.

Complaint 3:  I have a latex allergy and it hurts.

Well you’re in luck because there are polyurethane condoms, which are plastic! And if it hurts, you’ve either got the wrong size or not enough lube. KY Jelly and Astroglide seem to be best lubes, and they are safe with all condoms. Make sure you’re putting it on right too! Leave a little space at the top, add a little lube if you wish, roll down and smooth out air bubbles, lube on the outside, and you’re good to go!

I hope this quick run-down before everyone’s special night with their partner helps. A pack of condoms is the perfect gift to let your partner know that tonight is going to be hot and heavy. Ladies, don’t think you’re off the hook. You can be in just as much control with female condoms! Make your decision dependent on your personal, sexual needs. Just make sure to be safe and to have a great time tonight!

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