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West Side, Best Side: Election Day in California

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November 8, 2012

Congratulations Mr. Obama- I hope you succeed these next four years. I send sympathy to the Romney’s- but there is always 2016. And I send sympathy to Jill Stein and everyone else who ran for president this past week- Sorry our media refuses to recognize your existence.

Tuesday was a beautiful day in California. In my dear state of California, nearly 9.5 million individuals voted on causes such as Genetically Engineered food, pornography/condom laws, and of course… The CSU budget. This blog post will summarize what went down here on Election Day on a National level.


  • California voted 59.1% in favor of the current President to remain in his position; 40.9% voted for another individual to take the title of Commander and Chief. California has been voting democratically for President since 1992 after a long Republican streak in the 80’s and 90’s. 

US Senate

  • With 61.4% of the vote, Democratic leader Dianne Feinstein won this election for US Senate against Elizabeth Emken. Ms. Feinstein is notably pro-choice and has excellent views on the environment. She has been the incumbent since 1992.

Prop 30

  • My teachers are all popping bottles of fine Champaign- and us students are too! Prop 30 was a success! California’s public education system is wildly under funded. Through a temporary sales tax increase, Prop 30 seeks to fund our halls of education better.  (I heard they were serving pencil shavings as snacks at the last teacher appreciation day). President F. King Alexander sent out an email yesterday letting us all know that we would receive money back from school in a refund! Had Prop 30 not passed, we would have owed CSULB more money. I’m satisfied with the turn out on Prop 30!

Prop 31

  • Prop 31 was aborted this election. This proposition was in relation to decision-making skills and who is in charge. Also, the “budget” would be redrawn with Prop 31. (Whenever anyone says, “Budget” hear this sound in your head)  From my research, the wording of this proposition was shaky and uncertain.

Prop 32

  • Prop 32 was also defeated, but just by a little! This proposition would have redefined politics in California, supposedly. From what I can understand, this proposition had to do with who can give politicians and politics money. Big Oil companies seemed to want this pass (Isn’t that called, “bribery”?). Connecting the dots, I see why the people were against this one.

Prop 33

  • Prop 33 didn’t pass either. This not passing means that insurance companies will continue giving discounts to long-term insurance purchasers; however, they will be prohibited from giving a discount to insurance purchasers who are switching companies.

Prop 34

  • 34 didn’t pass. I am deeply saddened by the fact that our country would even have to think twice about this issue. 34 not passing means that the Death Penalty will continue in California. The Death Penalty system of California is known for extraordinary delays, which can be detrimental to the inmates (whom are still human, and often times have souls, families, memories, and lives). In 2011, the California Republic didn’t put anyone to death. However we have over 700 people in jail waiting to hear the date on when California decides they should die. I hope we try to get the Death Penalty abolished in 2016 again.

Prop 35

  • Prop 35 passed overwhelmingly, meaning harsher punishments for sex trafficking, more funding for recovery causes, and require sex offenders to disclose their internet accounts. This bill may make strides towards ending the horrific practice of sex-trafficking, but vague wording may mean negative effects on voluntary sex-workers including harsher sentences and being labeled as sex offenders. Let’s hope this proposition is implemented in a way that goes after the bad guys!

Prop 36

  • Also passed! This allows the possibility of shorter prison sentences for certain non-violent offenders. Anyone know the number of people in prison in California? It’s way too many. Our country has about 5% of the worlds population and about 25% of the world’s prisoners. It was time for some change!

Prop 37

  • I’m really upset this didn’t pass. It made total sense! But the people have spoken! The goal of 37 was to require labeling on Genetically Modified food. Perhaps we shall revisit this issue in 2016. In the mean time, get to know the realities of the GM food you put in your body everyday. Here is a good link.

Prop 38

  • 38 didn’t pass! (Someone explained to me that it’s okay that 38 didn’t pass because 30 did, so all is really well in the world).  This proposition also was in relation to the budget in particular for education.

Prop 39

  • Prop 39 did pass, in fact! Apparently, there was a loophole that was losing Sacramento a bundle of money every year and 39 is putting a cork on it! The money they save will go directly back into the budget for important things!

Prop 40

  • Prop 40 passed easily! Prop 40’s goal is to hold politicians accountable and continuously respect the wills of voters in the California Republic. Over 70% voted yes to pass 40.

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