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5 Reasons Why I Can’t Watch The Duff

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February 23, 2015

From the moment I saw a trailer for the The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) , I knew I did not want to watch it. Granted, I have not read the book either. Even so, I know that The DUFFmovies is not for me.

From what I understand, the story is about an adolescent girl named Bianca (played by Mae Whittman)  going through the trials and tribulations of high school. An “attractive guy” in her class points out that she is the DUFF of her friend group. Her “unkempt hair,” lack of make-up, and aptitude for chemistry makes her unattractive and thus undesirable to others.

I can’t find myself within this narrative. I am just not looking forward to finding a person of color serve as the “hip-hop street wise best friend,” “the smart Asian kid,” or the sassy black girl. Also, I spent four years of high school in Dakar, Senegal. My graduating class was 30 people so I just don’t find it comforting. From the reviews I have read, I heard that it is not the the typical high school drama. Instead, it shifts things around and breaks all the stereotypes. Well….Hooray, but I still don’t see myself.

Below I have listed the reasons why I can’t watch The DUFF and similar high school narratives like it:

1.  It gives “attractive” people in the film permission to treat others with disrespect.

2. I don’t see where I would fall in to this narrative. The definition of attractive is spelled out as tall, thin, hair that flows in the wind (not me), tons of make-up, and hair product.

3. The acronym just shouldn’t happen. I don’t want people leaving the movie theater and pondering if they are the DUFF of their social circle. With all the insecurities that comes with all youth and adulthood, why do we need another label? Perhaps, people will embrace their inner DUFF-ness but still…

4. The fact that she is being compared to two of her good friends is also problematic to me. Once again, women are shown as competing for the spotlight.

5. Where are the POC’s (People of Color)? Where are the LGBTQ+?




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