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5 Unexpected Benefits of Meditation

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November 29, 2017

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It is no secret that now is a very stressful time to be alive. Finding ways to cope with that stress can be really crucial to one’s well-being and longevity. The benefits of meditation exist in abundance, ranging from stress release, increased self-awareness, lower blood pressure, better health and concentration as well as a serious increase in quality of life.

Meditation helps millions of people manage depression, anxiety and insomnia. From yoga to qi gong to tai chi, meditation also explores a vast platform of relaxation and helps us tackle the everyday hustle and bustle of life by introducing a deep sense of inner peace and balance into our lives.

In other words, it’s quite literally a godsend. What can be so easily forgotten in the murky midst of hard times is the need for self-care. When it comes to an increase in stress especially in the age of a hyper-digital, detrimental political climate, in a world with an intense need for immediacy and instant gratification,  this practice borne thousands of years is arguably more crucial than ever before.

So, for these dark and desperate times here on earth and in our own lives, here are are five lesser known benefits of meditation.

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1) Believe it or not, meditation is said to help reduce PMS symptoms and increase fertility. Stress can be a huge factor when it comes to infertility, and implementing a practice such as meditation can really alter the trajectory of a person’s life. It even helps release the hormone oxytocin and allows for easier breastfeeding.

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2) Meditation can be a good channel for getting in touch with one’s gender identity. The intersection between buddhism and LGBTIQ meditation is very real and very revolutionary. Providing the space to meditate and find peace within a community can deeply heighten all of the regular benefits of meditation.

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3) Pain relief is another unexpected benefit of meditation. The pain of chronic conditions can be lessened by meditation due to the body’s natural production of opioids and cannabinoids, natural painkillers.

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4) Yoga meditations have pivotal effects on both the reproductive and endocrine systems of the body.  Because the nervous system is effected by the endocrine system and the reproductive system is apart of the endocrine system, the body and its stress levels all experience and benefit from the practice. There are even certain yoga positions that are meant to exercise the reproductive organs in particular.

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5) Meditation affects the parasympathetic nervous system and gives you more energy. Having a more natural source of energy rather than caffeinated beverages like coffee or  energy drinks can improve not only your improve your overall physical health but also your emotional well-being.

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So go out and meditate! Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

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