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Favorite Writer: Jia Tolentino

Hidden Talent: I don’t have a very unique one but I can type with my eyes closed and solve jigsaw puzzles pretty quickly. These are dependent on lots of factors, but I’ve been told these aren’t very common skills, so I’ll take it!

Bio: Chloe Samillano is a queer Filipina writer and educator. Since graduating from San Francisco State in 2020, she has worked in education, written for Filipinx arts/cultural organizations, and taken part in creative fellowships with BAVC Media and Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY. As an avid TV watcher, her dream career goal is to create her own television series. She also enjoys puzzles, yoga/meditation, sustainable fashion, and reading books about abolitionist teaching.

Posts By: Chloe S

Moving Beyond Breaking News: Integrating Reproductive Justice Into Our Daily Lives

Since taking action when witnessing injustice is motivated by the ability to care and feel compassion for others, Stanford researcher Erika Rosenberg states, “doing something for the benefit of others, is first noticing what something or someone means to you.” This was crucial to my own activism journey as, in the past, I tended to pick and choose which issues I wanted to care about and which ones to ignore altogether. Understanding that they all connect and inform one another was what motivated me to fully strap into the fight for Reproductive Justice. While I felt guilty that it took me only this past year to truly face these issues, I learned that it was never too late to foster sustainable activism. The importance of this type of activism was… Read more »

How We Can Sustain Our Activism in 2023

As 2022 comes to an end with the holiday season, times for reflection naturally bubble up to the surface, propelling us to look inward and outward, as we intimately face the year past. Because of this, the holidays often bring up feelings of gratitude and melancholy for me. I get frozen by loneliness, comparison, and the sun disappearing at 5 P.M., yet warmed by home-cooked meals and the earthy scents of never-ending candles. Having feelings exist in opposition is similar to how I’ve felt about social justice activism in my own spaces this year. There’s a feeling of invigoration by conversations about justice and liberation, yet dismay as they all fall short of any substantial action. I’ve noticed this to be common amongst my generation of peers, where we feel… Read more »

Why the Fight for Abortion Rights Still Matters in California

The day Roe v. Wade was overturned on June 24th, I felt what many people felt: angry, sad, lost, disillusioned. And I did what many people did: checked in on friends, donated to abortion funds, reposted articles I didn’t fully read, and looked to politicians and activists for guidance on how we go from here. One that particularly stuck with me was Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s remark that everyone needs to be completely “strapped in” to this fight, advocating that we shouldn’t take big historical moments like these for granted – we need collective power for the long haul now more than ever. When I heard this, I was nodding alongside the clapping emojis on her IG live, feeling invigorated to put myself into action and show up differently. After hearing… Read more »