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URGE Alabama Policy Priorities 2021

Right now, our priorities are to: OPPOSE HB 1/SB 10 which makes the provision of gender-affirming health care a felony for doctors, as well as requires principals, teachers, school counselors, nurses, etc. to make disclosures to parents regarding their child’s gender or face criminal charges. HB 1 & SB 10 are scheduled to receive public hearings in their perspective committees on Wednesday, February 10. What can you do? Call, email, tweet, and/or write letters to your legislators expressing to them how dangerous this bill is for trans and non-binary youngins all over the state. You can do that with just 1 click here! URGE talking points opposing HB 1/SB 10 can be found on our URGE action tool. TO OPPOSE HB 317 which propagates the scientifically false narrative that medication… Read more »

Ohio Statewide Divest from White Supremacy and Invest in Black & brown communities Campaign

Tell your local elected officials they must divest from militarized police and invest in Ohio’s Black and Brown communities! Our neighbors in Ohio need community-based safety like comprehensive and culturally competent health care and affordable housing for all, not for their local police departments to be overfunded and spending millions of dollars on war-like weaponry, riot gear, and helicopters. The COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat with the hard-felt ramifications touching every facet of our society. This coincides with the ongoing global uprising for Black lives and liberation, making this a pivotal moment in history. Now is the time to demand more of Ohio’s elected officials and hold them accountable to make the bold policy changes that our people have long been calling for.  Add your name and tell your local… Read more »

Texas Divesting & Investing Statewide Campaign

Take action now to show you believe in defunding the police in order to give Texans healthcare Our state and local officials should be doing more to protect the health and wellbeing of Texans. Currently, billions of dollars are poured into police departments throughout the state despite nearly 8 million Texans being uninsured. We believe that there should be universal healthcare for everyone, including testing and treatment of COVID19. This is possible and it is a lie from state officials when they say there is not money. There is and it is being irresponsibly budgeted to give police things like tanks and surveillance equipment. Take action now to show you believe in defunding the police in order to give Texans healthcare.

Alabama Beyond Policing Campaign Summer 2020

URGE is participating in a larger campaign being coordinated by ACLU Alabama, which is calling on local officials to make meaningful efforts to decrease arrests and jailing people, given the global pandemic we are all navigating. We specifically have noted that in Alabama & Texas, police are involved in enforcing stay at home orders and curfews. Our policy asks are: that they make changes to their policing practices that respect COVID-19 recommendations released by the CDC and that they aim to avoid arresting folks and putting them in jail as much as possible, given the public health risks of transmission in jails and prisons. We are accompanying these policy asks with a political education campaign to start a conversation with our members and communities about the public health consequences of… Read more »

LGBTQ+ Pride Month URGE Priority State Resources

Hey y’all, URGE virtual Pride planning is well under way! In addition to our fun queer movie night, “Popcorn and Pride”,and of course uplifting GRAD DRAG, we are working on creating state-specific resource sheets to support our members in celebrating pride virtually this year  In recognition of Pride month, URGE has worked to create Pride guides for each state that we work in. These guides contain queer & trans led organizations, local businesses, upcoming events, and much more, although we acknowledge theses are not comprehensive guides. We hope that these can serve as a resource to celebrate Pride from our own homes not just in June but throughout the year. URGE California State Resources List URGE Texas State Resources List URGE Georgia State Resources List URGE Kansas State Resources List… Read more »