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Age: 20

School: Texas Tech University

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Longview, Texas

Favorite writer: Sylvia Plath

Favorite sex scene: I know this is not exactly a scene but most sex scenes in Orange is the New Black involve women having orgasms, that's empowering to me since we live in a world where women's orgasms are so commonly taboo or even considered a myth.

Hidden talent: I can read and write without vowels.

Posts By: Kristen Barton

18 and pregnant: how a young mom is challenging the stigma of “teen pregnancy”

The thought of having a baby has always been difficult for me to grasp and a vision I never really had for myself. I just do not feel like I am the type of person fit to be a mother. Maybe one day I will feel differently, people do change after all, but maybe I won’t, and that’s okay too. In 2013, there were 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19. I never thought I would fit into that statistic. And when I found out one of my best friends, Liliana Lucio, did the summer after our senior year, I was shocked. We grew up together, we went to school together from the time we were three years old to our high school graduation. We knew everything about… Read more »

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Except for Abortion Access

In 2013, Texans, yet again, had to endure other people making decisions about our bodies for us. When I say for us, I don’t mean to benefit us, I mean taking the decision out of our hands and the right to our bodies away. Wendy Davis fought for Texans in her pink tennis shoes and famous filibuster, unfortunately, HB2 was still passed in Texas. All clinics were required to meet ambulatory surgical center standards and abortion doctors were required to have local hospital-admitting privileges. The local requirement means a hospital within 30 miles and Texas is huge. There are rural areas all over this state. In 2012 there were 41 clinics open, if HB2 becomes fully implemented, only ten clinics will remain. Ten. Let that sink in. Everything is supposed… Read more »